Custom Jewelry by Elements

jewelryDesigning and creating is my passion and with that energy I divert it to metal. I use various color of gold along with silver and high quality gemstones. I create hand-fabricated jewelry with a focus on a high level of craftsmanship.

From heating the metal to 1400 degrees F, to hammering, filing and forging, the metal is pushed to its max and transformed to get the look I want and then the piece further emerges during the finishing process. I desire to create balance between color along with shape and direction of line with the metal and stones I use.

My goal is to create a piece that is visually appealing by utilizing and combining the elements and principles of design along with being functional and exceptionally hand-crafted. I view my pieces as a personal sculpture that is to be worn as a functional piece of jewelry.

It is personal, makes a statement, symbolizes a special moment in life, it stands alone and awaits a personal interpretation.

- Kristen Iburg-Meyer

If you are interested in having a special piece commissioned please contact Kristen to inquire about pricing.

Photographs taken by Kristina Lynn Photography and Design
Logo designed by Kristy Hedger Hoy

What Our Clients Say

I LOVE my ring Kristen, You made our 15th wedding anniversary so special, thank you!